Blake’s interest in film was sparked at a young age when he worked professionally as a child actor.  At the age of 10, he produced his first film, a documentary on the United Nations Children’s Conference for Saving the Environment. At the age of 15, Blake enrolled in a visual effects program at The Gulf Islands Film and Television School where he made a short film entitled “Hello My Name is Loser”, which received the Eyelens award for best visual effects.

Blake pursued his interest in filmmaking by attending school at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Capilano University and the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts), completing a certificate in independent media production, a certificate in cinematography and a diploma in visual effects, respectively. 

After completing school Blake worked for Exile FX where he composited on three productions. Joining forces with Motion58 Productions, Blake has completed two short films, Hop the Twig and Wait for Rain (soon to be released). He received a Leo award for best visual effects for his work on Hop the Twig. Blake has continued to work as a freelancer and is currently involved in new independent projects.

Blake brings his passion for visual story telling to each project, utilizing his creativity and technical problem solving skills. He is always delighted to be part of the collaborative story telling process that is filmmaking.http://motion58.comhttp://www.leoawards.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
Contact Demo Reel Bio Links     Phone: 07718 269373mailto:blake@laingsmithcreative.comshapeimage_6_link_0